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Apple started to switch to ARM-based Apple Silicon chips on the desktop side, which also stimulated the industry. Qualcomm, a pioneer in this field, but progressing slowly, is designing a new chip from scratch.

What will the Snapdragon SC8280 offer?

Qualcomm already for laptops Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 He had developed the chipset, but the fact that it was not much different from the previous generation caused the x86 to not move forward compared to its competitors. This brought criticism.

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Resulting in benchmark tests SC8280 It is stated that the new chipset with code name is used on two different laptops. One has 8GB of LPDDR5 memory, while the other has 32GB of LPDDR4x memory.

It is stated that Qualcomm will move away from the format of big.LITTLE style in the new period. New cores focused on high performance will be divided into Gold + and Gold. Gold + cores go up to the 3GHz limit, while Gold cores reach the 2.43GHz limit.

Qualcomm It is stated that the new chipset will monitor the work intensity with an artificial intelligence unit and dynamically adjust the clock frequencies of the cores. In other words, frequencies can be pulled down when they are not needed. In this respect, there is no need for efficiency cores.

These optimizations are SC8280 caused the chipset to grow a little more. The Snapdragon 8cx chipset is 20x15mm, while the SC8280 is 20 x 17mm. Sources indicate that the number of cores may increase.

While the Snapdragon SC8280 chipset announces a new era on the Windows 10 laptop side, developments are continuing on the Apple side. After the Apple M1, a much more powerful Apple M1X chipset will appear. In this case, the Snapdragon SC8280 chipset seems to lag behind in performance. Let’s see what moves Qualcomm will make?

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