Unfortunately, the positive atmosphere of the good news given to the players by the green team did not last long. Cryptocurrency digging limitation of the card is overcome in a new way every day.

RTX 3060 makes miners smile

Emerging in the past weeks and Of the RTX 3060 It was shared that the driver with version number 470.05, which enables it to dig with full performance, was initially only effective on 1 card.

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However, according to testing with fake HDMI dongles 470.05 running under version driver 4 RTX 3060 It is digging ethereum without restriction. The video output of the Pentium G3220 system is provided by the outputs of the iGPU on the motherboard.

Moreover Amazon marketplace sellers are fake HDMI dongles still at the moment ‘for miners’ It has already started to advertise in particular.

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To the cryptocurrency mining limit, which Nvidia declared based on verification between GPU-vBIOS and driver trust unfortunately it is decreasing. You can also watch another attempt with 2 cards below.

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