One of the largest companies in the world Sony, for older generation consoles after releasing the new console PlayStation 5 to gradually end their support starting.

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Kirk Mckeand from The Gamer was recently PlayStation 3, PSP ve PS Vita announced that their consoles are planning to close their online stores. The ScourgeBringer director wrote this report a few hours later. Thomas Alternburger agreed.

We call it rumors because it is not official yet, but probably the news is correct need to say. According to the news PlayStation 3 and PSP stores On July 2, 2021Is the PS Vita store It will close on August 27, 2021. The fact that these stores are closing means no morewe can’t buy anything means. However, in the report, to games you have previously purchased it is not specified what will happen. As for the official statement from Sony, he too it will become clear.

Although PS3 and PSP are extremely old devices PS Vita, we think that in the eyes of many players it is always a big frustration will remain. Sony, PlayStation 4 Communities He ended his feature and started the generational transition on that side.

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