According to sources close to the sector SamsungChinese on smartphones for the first time this year BOE produced by YOU ARE will start using the screens.

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Samsung continues to lead the display market

These OLED panels to a flexible substrate While it is stated that they have, BOE made screens Galaxy M It is said to be used in a number of mid-range Samsung smartphone models that will be part of the family. Cooperation It will be beneficial for both parties.

Because the Chinese BOE, South Korean camel, supplying screen Huawei’s yellow It will be able to compensate for some losses related to the drop in orders. As you know, Huawei’s smartphone sales ABD’nin largely in connection with its harsh sanctions drop had shown.

To be used in Galaxy M series

Samsung By transferring some of its devices to BOE screens, the cost of and ultimate may lower the price. As a result, these types of devices are also more important for end consumers. make it attractive will come.

Initially the scope of BOE OLED panels was a few Galaxy M It was noted that it will be limited to the model. The smart phones in question announcement expected in the second half of this year. Other detail however it has not been announced yet.

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