Popular actor known for movies like John Wick and The Matrix Keanu Reeveswas one of the lead authors of a comic book last year. BRZRKR This comic book series, named, is now being adapted into movies and anime.

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Last year Keanu Reeves, Boom! Studios’tan Matt Kindt created a comic book series called BRZRKR. In total Of 12 numbers in the leading role of this series that will occur Keanu Reeves’There was a character very similar to that. Netflix bought the broadcast rights to this comic book series.

Keanu Reeves hem film adaptation him the anime adaptation, him leading role him the producer it will be. In addition, Stephen Hamel, Ross Richie and Stephen Christy will produce on both productions. Movie directly While it will be the adaptation of the 12-issue comic book series, anime more exploring the universe will be based on.

Although the comic book series is published independently to high sales volumes had reached. BRZRKR comic book series, known as Berzerker half mortal and demigod has a story that is shaped around a character. Berzerker, traveling through history and secret duties for the state a fulfilling character. Of action and violence A comic book series that is extremely loud.


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