There are many software cores that Google provides to the Android ecosystem, which we can call skeletons, and when there is a problem with them, the whole ecosystem is affected. For some time now, the Google WebView component has been experiencing problems.

What is Google WebView?

Google WebView component Android It enables running a Chrome-like browser interface in its applications. It also helps website owners prepare and publish a compatible Android application.

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Google WebView component was recently updated. From that day on, reports began to come up that users had problems with related applications. It comes to the fore that applications with WebView components crash, regardless of brand or model.

Google has also stepped in for the problem, which is the subject of complaints on many platforms, especially Reddit. The company announced that it will release an update that fixes the problem in a short time. Until the update comes, some brands’ solution suggestions are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy phones

After going to the Settings-Applications menu on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Android System WebView must be selected from the list and uninstall updates must be selected from the three-dot menu at the top right.

Xiaomi phones

For Xiaomi and Redmi phones, it is necessary to click Show All Applications from the top right three-dot menu in the Settings-Applications menu, and then click the Uninstall Updates button at the bottom by entering the Android System WebView component.

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