Apple, released in 2018 HomePod He announced that he had decided to stop the production of his smart speaker. The company has drawn a much more successful chart HomePod mini The model will continue to be produced. According to the latest information, Apple screen and camera developing a new HomePod equipped with.

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Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman commented on some of the smart speakers in question. detail shared. According to Gurman, the company is with Google Nest Hub Max, Amazon Echo Show and Facebook Portal devices. competition with a screen and camera. HomePod plans to release the model.

What do we know?

The new generation HomePod, FaceTime It will allow video calls to be made via. Also thanks to its touch screen smart House It is said to be used as a control panel. Of the device features What we know about is limited to this. On the topic in the coming days more we hope to have the details.

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