Apple’s Apple Glass There are numerous patents and patent applications related to displaying information on or similar devices. For example, when you pick up two items at an Apple Store, the display on the glasses your differences and similarities appear in the form of a list of bullets. The company also based on realistic surround sound effects 3D sound technology also explores. Now, the company’s Apple AR research 3D your experience a patent that could develop it was added.

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British inventors Richard J. Topliss and Michael David Simmonds “stage camera“Is based on completing the images on” Apple Glass “with holographic pictures. physical is explained as making them feel that they are in that environment.

Virtual reality systems in patent, illusion of depth It is stated that it can show users stereoscopic scenes to create it. That is, a computer adjusts the scene content in real time so that the user is inside the scene. he moves can make the illusion.

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Images of the user are virtual reality It has also been stated that when viewed through the system, he may feel as if he is moving from a first-person perspective within the scenes. Mixed reality (MR) of a user’s real environment increase opinion or to add virtual content to it, with real-world views of computer-generated information (called virtual content). combining a spectrum of augmented reality (AR) systems to cover expressed.

Patent, other “Apple Glass“does not specify how their system will present virtual objects. So it is unclear how a holographic system would fit previous designs. However, this project was designed to create what Apple calls” stage camera. ” your glasses Install projectors on its side. aims to.

It will show the virtual environment through the eyes of the user

User according to Apple of perspective To get a more accurate representation, the stage camera needs to be on the side of the MRI head and face the inner surface of the lens. Lens directed to the wearer’s eye the light from the stage one or more transmission holograms that break part of them into the stage camera holographic ambient beverage. In this way, the stage camera captures the images of the environment in the same way, and perspective will make it happen.

Then images in the real world was present It will capture the real world as it is seen by the user to present it to look like it. As the user moves, the scene camera becomes a real 3D environment will alter images to better imitate.

Images, for example edges and objects in the scene He continues to analyze it to find a patent. In some applications, images can also be analyzed to determine depth information for the scene. Information derived from analysis, such as virtual content, direct in mixed reality view provided by the retina to suitable places Can be used to place.

Most of the patent is on the side of the glasses mounted It contains information on solving potential problems caused by projectors or other devices. For example, Apple had to prevent unwanted direct light from reaching the stage camera. stop For the transmission hologram, all direct view wavelengths except the working wavelength block For this, a bandpass filter with the transmission hologram tuned to wavelengths can be used.

This is Apple’s first patent on 3D or patent application not. The company was previously from an iPhone, 3D mapping he had received a patent on the provision of his data.

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