Apple’s plans to launch in the future foldable iPhonemay come with a custom gear system. The flexible screen to be used in the Cupertino company device more durable thinks that it can happen.

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One of the problems to be overcome is that the screen is to open and close provide. This can be overcome with a simple hinge system, but the screen of the folding mechanism from possible damages It is extremely important to have a structure that can protect.

According to a new patent published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple supportive trying to solve it with a mechanism. In the patent disclosure, with various gear systems without overstretching It was explained how to overcome the problems caused by it.

The target is maximum endurance

The gears keep support structures while the device is being opened or folded. by moving it will support the screen throughout the maneuver. Mechanism related your gears It will also allow them to take place relative to each other. Apple’s design foldable iPhone in certain ways can make it possible to open.

The company has two divisions independently Both parts can be folded as well as in the same proportion It may also require folding. Apple makes the screen of the foldable iPhone more durable with its complex hinge system, and the with troubles does not want to meet.

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