Black news comes one after another in chip production. Natural disasters also started to hit significant blows in production, which was hit by the pandemic first and then excessive demand created insufficiency. First Samsung and now Renesas are in trouble.

Fire in Renesas facilities

As will be remembered Samsung‘s factory in Texas was buried in darkness after power outages caused by the storm, when the local electricity distributor asked them to close their contacts. Austin facilities, which meet 5 percent of global chip demand, negatively impacted giants such as Tesla and Apple.

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Now one of the major producers Japon Renesas The news that fires broke out in their factories are on the agenda. The fire that occurred at the Tokyo facilities damaged 2 percent of the equipment and production of 300mm wafers was stopped.

Renesas his boss Hidetoshi Shibata In his statement, he stated that the fire interrupted production and that this will be felt in the coming period. The blow is also big on the firm side because a 1-month production cut means a loss of approximately $ 165 million.

Renesas was mainly casting chips for automotive manufacturers. The automotive sector will be the first to be affected by the fire. On the other hand, Apple is among the important customers of the company. Although it is not known exactly which models are supplied, it is stated that they will have an impact during the year, albeit indirectly.

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