Xbox has access to a large library for a set monthly fee Xbox Game Pass system is undoubtedly one of the best services. The latest rumor is a rumor that could make Xbox Game Pass even better.

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VentureBeat reporter, pre-transferring lots of important information Jeff Grubb, Regarding the Xbox Game Pass system a big bet put forward. He said that Xbox is currently Ubisoft’s subscription service. Ubisoft+‘I To add to Xbox Game Pass continues their negotiations. Ubisoft + same Owning many Ubisoft games such as EA Play platform.

Although this situation seems like a very utopian event EA Playin the past months to the Xbox Game Pass system. not to forget that it was added need. If Xbox does that too Xbox Game Pass system will grow significantly. EA Play games, Bethesda games, games from Xbox studios and now also Ubisoft + games will be found in the system.

Of course, if this happens, we think that a price increase may come. All these events are just one It is worth remembering that it is a rumor.

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