Xiaomi’s Black Shark 4 original model appeals to those who are looking for a slightly more affordable price, while the Black Shark 4 Pro will raise mobile gaming with features we can rarely see in the smartphone market.

Black Shark 4 Pro features and price

Black Shark 4 Pro The same 6.67-inch on the model Samsung E4 AMOLED the screen is used. The screen is optimized to work most efficiently with heavy content. The refresh rate is among the best with 144Hz.

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Eye protection filter SGS certification while 720Hz record touch sampling rate minimizes lag in games. The multi-touch response delay was measured as 8.3ms. The screen with a brightness of 1300 nits can change brightness levels efficiently without flickering thanks to DC Dimming technology.

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Black Shark 4 introduced: Snapdragon 870, mechanical trigger keys and 720Hz touch speed

Snapdragon 888 Pro version equipped with chipset 6400MHz LPDDR5 It maximizes the fluency with its technology. The customized SSD drive blended with UFS 3.1 improves read performance by 55 percent and write performance by 69 percent. Thus, the loading and processing speeds of the games increase significantly. Sandwich type liquid cooling system with 3-dimensional double layer heat distribution increases efficiency by 30 percent and can reduce the temperature up to 18 degrees.

The dual planar speaker is supplemented by a 1.5CC full symmetrical sound chamber and a 15V smart booster. Thus, it has the best sound system in its class. The gaming experience reaches the highest level with the mechanical trigger keys with 1 million presses and the Z-axis vibration motor. The new JoyUI 12.5 version supports the experience with many game optimizations.

It replaces mechanical trigger keys with 1 million presses, while the special antenna technology enables smart transitions between connections and integrated signal reinforcement. On the back, the 64MP Sony IMX686 camera stands out as the main difference from the original. The 4500mAh capacity battery also supports 120W fast charging. Pricing for the Black Shark 4 Pro, which has WiFi 6, dual 5G SIM, support for all positioning systems, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, other features in the form of an edge fingerprint reader, is as follows:

Black Shark 4 Pro 8GB + 256GB – 614$

Black Shark 4 Pro 12GB + 256GB – 691$

Black Shark 4 Pro 16GB + 512GB – 814$


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