The whole world since March 2020 Covid-19 outbreak faced with. In this 1-year period, we went into quarantine many times, and a few times life seemed to return to normal, albeit a little. Of course this is what we say valid for the whole world. In this process, almost all companies, factories, workplaces and more negatively affected. Especially in the technology world big problems with the chip lives and these problems do not seem to pass.

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On the game side PlayStation 5′The stock shortage experienced by graphics cards stock shortage, Apple ve Samsung the difficulties experienced by technology giants such as and in the automobile industry Almost all industries suffer from this issue due to chip shortages. Graphics cards and next generation consoles while not found, Apple ve Samsung companies such as delayed. In the automobile industry, manufacturers, has slowed down production and many in unfinished car parking areas waiting.

Unfortunately, there is a serious problem in chip production due to Covid-19, and therefore stock shortages continue. However, for a few months the factories have started working again. This is also the chip trouble expected to resolve slowly however, according to The Guardian’s report, things are not going as expected at all.

According to The Guardian’s report, in the quarantine process computer, console and TV the serious increase in demand for products such as market change works due to it’s getting worse. Technology analyst Neil Campling, untraceable there is a new level of demand and he said everyone was getting worse. Saying that chips are everything, Neil Campling that there is a crisis also added.

New in the past months US President Joe Bidenwill examine the situation behind these events, find out what caused it, and this that you will take the situation had said.

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