Microsoft’s first launch for Xbox consoles in 2002 Xbox Live service name is changing. On the change of name the main reason is to avoid confusion.

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According to the news made in the past hours Microsoft, Changing the name of the Xbox Live service. Of service The new name is Xbox network it will be. The main reason for the change is the Xbox subscription service. Avoiding name confusion with Xbox Live Gold.

First rumors about this issue In August 2020 was out, but it was not a topic that was emphasized too much. The striking point in the new name is the Xbox Network service Lowercase letter “N” to be.

With this name change of Xbox, we can say that PlayStation is on the way to name. The name of the network service also on the PlayStation side PlayStation Network, the name of the subscription service is also Playstation plus. In fact, if Microsoft wants to fix something about name confusion, we can say that it is better to correct the names of their consoles.

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