One of the largest companies in the world Microsoft, continues its purchases. Microsoft’s new goal is that players are familiar with Discord.

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According to the report published by Bloomberg recently, Microsoft, one of the technology giants, is a voice-written communication program developed for video game players. To buy Discord started negotiations. If your wage is spoken Over 10 billion dollars is said to be. They are currently only in negotiation and have a no agreement stated.

Also to buy Discord few companies more willing is said to be. Unfortunately, it has not been disclosed which companies are. However, both Epic Games’in him the AmazonIt was known that there were such requests in the past. Epic Games nowadays Discord style group chat program Trying to integrate it into Epic Games.

Microsoft in the past weeks Bethesda for $ 7.5 billion had bought. If he can buy Discord for $ 10 billion again one of the biggest acquisitions in the industry will have signed someone. Another resource is that Discord, rather than selling the app wishing to go public more towards.

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