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Sector reliable According to the report of Nikkei Asia from news sources Samsungtwo hinged one foldable preparing to launch the smartphone model. Of the device renderings then, the new design details and will be available for sale history also appeared.

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Samsung patented a vertically foldable smartphone

According to the report, the company Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z FoldIn addition to updated versions of this year all new will release a foldable smartphone. Of the device The main purpose of the development is aimed at the use of flexible display devices. scenarios Explained as to expand. For example, ek menteşe thanks to the smartphone a laptop and one-third of the screen can be reserved for the touch keyboard.

In the report: “The design is designed to match the aspect ratio of the unfolded screen to the generally accepted 16: 9 or 18: 9. Thus, more video games and other applications can run smoother and at higher resolutions on the device.expressions takes place.

Can be launched at the end of 2021

Samsung, double hinged he already has several patents for the design. One of them this year expected to be implemented. The company is also responsible for microcircuits in supply the global crisis experienced in the period from April to June of new devices that it could become a problem with its launch. he accepted. However, to solve this problem, the manufacturer extra effort he says he showed.

Folded in two placesThis is the launch of this unusual smartphone. end of the year It is claimed that it will be done right. Of the device price and technical specifications it is not yet clear.

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