Gamestars Brawl Stars League struggles, where hundreds of Brawl Stars fans meet under the same roof, has begun. Turkey Gamestars Brawl Stars League competitions started on March 16, will continue to be played in different groups and a total of 64 matches will last until April 7. The winners of the Turkey League Gamestars Brawl Stars will have prize money of $ 1,000.

Four of the team that reached its peak in the national league will have the opportunity to represent Turkey in the Gamestars Brawl Stars Uluslalarara League. Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, UK, Sweden, Germany and France will join the global league with four teams in Turkey and Russia and other countries of the world will send three teams will compete for the last three wild card. In the international group stage, where 32 teams in total will share their trump cards, the first two teams that are successful in their respective groups will participate in the last 16 qualifying rounds and will share their trump card for the grand prize.

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