Year 2020 extremely important for the game world it was a year. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons why it matters new generation consoles happened. The new generation consoles are unfortunately in a troubled period in terms of stock, but for some countries, including us it is also problematic in terms of price.

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Sony’s next generation console About 6 months have passed since the release of PlayStation 5 and console Preparing to go on sale for the first time in Egypt. But unfortunately more than for a high price. Normally $ 500 console with price tag, In Egypt to 15,999 Egyptian Pounds so approximately $ 1,000 It will be sold for a fee like. Likewise the console accessories too much high wages selling. The primary reason for the high price is of course the economy. However, the secondary important reason is also taxes on prices. Especially in imported products There is a serious tax.

When we convert the price in Egypt to TL, it is approximately 8000 TL is doing. So if after the removal of additional customs tax if console prices were not lowered in our country, At a higher price than in Egypt consoles would be sold. Console prices in our country are currently at the exchange rate of 24 March 2021. It comes to $ 940.

ArgentinaSimilarly, prices quite high. console prices in countries such as Turkey and Argentina in the international press, too had been the subject of the news.

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