All World’As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, various vaccines have been used in many countries and Oxford University with AstraZeneca jointly developed by the company It was announced that the coronavirus vaccine was 79% effective in symptomatic infections in countries such as Chile and Peru, especially in the USA. Company new data The United States thinks it’s looking for approval.

Approximately As a result of the studies carried out on more than 32,000 volunteer individuals the vaccine to severe infections It was announced to be 100% effective against.

In addition to all these, although there are studies showing the opposite, It has been suggested that the vaccine developed by Oxford causes “blood clotting”; Denmark, Norway and Italy Countries like these had temporarily stopped the use of the mentioned vaccine.

Many European countries are using temporary suspended vaccines. continued several countries’ officials even had the vaccine in an effort to raise concerns that the vaccine is safe.

Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis

AstraZeneca by the independent security committee and independent neurologist extremely rare with the help of cerebral (belonging to the brain) venous (balls related to vein) sinus thrombosis (clot) ( Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis It is used to describe the circulatory disorder resulting from clot formation in the dural venous sinuses carrying venous blood in the brain and the clinical condition that occurs with it. ) as well as observed in trials various clots also announced that it was under review.

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According to research, Covid vaccines reduce deaths by 85% and hospitalizations by 80%.

As a result of the examinations made according to the statements of the company Any thrombosis among 21,583 people who received at least one dose of vaccine (clot) or thrombosis-related conditions were found to be no increased risk. In addition, any research cerebral venous sinus thrombosis It is suggested that it is not found.


Professor Sarah Gilbert at Oxford University and the parties FDA so U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval states that he has gathered various data for. It is thought that the preparations will take a few weeks.

Approximately participating in the US trials 20% of 32,500 subjects were 65 years or older This is why the company hopes that the age limit (65 years and under) applied in some parts of Europe will be lifted.

Finally, let us state that the individuals participating in the experiment also have various health problems because the subjects Let’s add that 65% of them have various chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic heart diseases, obesity; despite this situation, the vaccine does not cause symptomatic infections.It is claimed that it prevents 79% of the cases and there are no deaths among the vaccinated individuals.. The effect of the vaccine on the age of 65 and over is 80%, much less than the previous rate.

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Company FDA If they can obtain approval and provide sufficient evidence against allegations of coagulation, the vaccine should be used. common as can be continued but The clinical studies to be conducted in the future and the analysis studies that will be conducted in the near future will show the truth and outcome of the aforementioned situations.

New research The Guardian published in the newspaper named.

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