Of the GPU giant CMP HX series are eagerly awaited by miners, but it looks like a new one will be added to the cards.

HPC focused cards can also enter the mine

According to the latest news, before Nvidia shelves Ampere GPUs for gamers HPC oriented is preparing to offer the first Ampere card it developed to miners.

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The price of the card with the GA100-100 GPU at its heart $ 10,000 It should not be forgotten that the price of the software developed by Nvidia specifically for data centers is included in this price.

On the other hand 19.5 TFLOPS’luk the card offering single-precision calculation capacity 40 GB HBM2 If its memory 1.6 TB/s’lik offers bandwidth.

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Although both elements are important for those who buy video cards to mine cryptocurrency, Nvidia has only one card in order to reduce the cost. HBM2 It is likely to drop to 8 GB capacity by accommodating the cluster.


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