Published by Bethesda Softworks, developed by id SoftwareThe last game of the Doom series, seen as one of the best games of 2020 by Doom Eternaldirector of the series for fans of the series gave good news.

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Director of Doom Eternal in the past hours Hugo Martin, He attended an interview with Polygon and there Doom’s future talked about. Doom Eternal DLC released recently Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part IIStarted in 2016 Doom Slayer ends the story. This is inevitably in the minds of the players “I wonder if we’re saying goodbye to serial Doom?” brought the question.

However, during the interview, director Hugo Martin made it clear that that more will come told. Hugo Martin, “While this DLC is the end of the Doom series that started in 2016, we’ve created many ways to keep Doom going until this time. There are more stories to tell about the Doom Slayer. He commented.

Doom, which started in 2016, was also released last year. Doom Eternal by the players. popular games had happened. We think everyone wants the series to continue.

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