When it comes to PC gaming, we can say that Steam is the first name that comes to mind for a long time, but Epic Games With its free games, discounts and various special games, it has been talking about itself in the sector for a while. Do not rival Steam We can say that he has achieved something in the subject. However, players have many complaints about Epic Games.

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Players are particularly interested in the app not useful and Features like Steam says it is not. The biggest criticism is undoubtedly the application to be slow. In addition, when we look at the recent news, computers are also It is quite tiring. In the past months extra heat the processors appeared, now a another problem appeared.

According to the tests conducted by PC World If your laptop is not plugged in, the Epic Games Store is running even in the background. your battery seriously exploits. Surface Pro 7+’in the test with Epic Games open your charge is 20% faster decreased, Surface Laptop 3′if te 8% faster decreased observed. Steam’in to the battery in these tests has no effect Let’s also specify.

Epic Games, following this incident, contacted PC World and “We are actively working to reduce the power consumption of the application and improve its performance.” It was reported that he gave the answer.


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