One of the popular movie series of recent years John Wick’s fourth film The start date of the shooting has been announced. However, bad news was shared for the next movie.

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A surprising news from the movie was shared recently. The scriptwriter of the first films Derek Kolstad’in new movies will not be a scriptwriter it was announced. This news is for new movies. caused anxiety we can say. With the news of Collider in the past hours The shooting date of the fourth movie has been announced.

Filming of John Wick 4 It will start in June 2021. Normally, the shooting of the fifth movie is also it would start right after. However, according to the last statement, it is the fourth the fifth film will no longer be shot back-to-back. This is the reason for delay Covid-19. The shootings of the fourth movie Berlin, Paris, Japan and New Yorkwill be done in.

John Wick 4 filmi On May 27, 2022 will be broadcast in theaters. Of the movie scriptwriter Shay Hatten is directed by Chad Stahelski.

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