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In February, Facebook’a which is a new all-voice-based social network that has gained a lot of attention lately. Clubhouse’a similar new one voice chat rooms Reports were published that he was working on the feature. The newly created images of the company, Messenger RoomsIt shows that it plans to make this feature available as part of.

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Facebook’s sound rooms feature

Alessandro Paluzzi A developer named has posted a screenshot of three options for Messenger Rooms. One of these options indicates that users can start a private sound room with their friends, while another option specifies the sound chambers that can be opened for the audience.

Messenger Rooms, Up to 50 people The new feature will remove this limitation while allowing them to have live group video chat. When sound chambers are created a large number of participants within reach.

Currently, the new sound chambers feature in testing phase and there are no details about when this feature will be officially available to users.

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