Apple has not been very effective in the smart speaker class, as it focuses more on the electric vehicle and virtual reality sectors. The company, which stopped production of HomePods a short time ago, continues with HomePod Mini. Research has found a hidden sensor in HomePod Mini.

Could be more efficient

HomePod Mini It is currently controlled via the voice assistant, and thanks to HealthKit support, it can also issue commands to compatible smart devices. However, it has to provide some data from third party platforms.

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Separated into components by iFixit HomePod Mini A hidden sensor was discovered inside. Texas Instruments Inc. designed by HDC2010 temperature and humidity sensor is not active. So it is not used by the system.

Sources think that with a major update to be released in the near future, the speaker will be able to measure the temperature and humidity of the environment. Thus, it will be possible to activate certain functions by automatically giving instructions to relevant smart devices such as thermostats.

Google and Amazon’s ecosystem is equipped with a variety of sensors that can receive this type of data. In this respect, it can create a more efficient and effective network. Apple is far behind in this regard. HomePod Mini could be a first step in this regard.

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