With the effect of the pandemic period, the chip crisis that has emerged in recent months deeply affects the relevant sectors. While TSMC works hard to increase capacity, there are also manufacturers that turn to different solutions.

Intel kicks in

Intel As is known, a company that also makes casting for its own processors. However, due to inefficiency problems, the desired capacity could not be achieved. Still, the deepening of the chip crisis prompted the US government.

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Intel and government officials had been holding talks for a while. As a result of these negotiations, a casting investment of 20 billion dollars emerged. Intel will build two $ 20 billion casting facilities in the Arizona region to meet corporate chip demands.

Casting plants USA and European Union It is stated that it will work towards their countries and meet corporate orders. The facilities are planned to start production with 7nm in 2023. Although it may sound small, chip consumption is quite high, especially in the defense industry, and Intel’s support in this area may alleviate the effects of the crisis to some extent.

Dr. Randhir Thakur It is stated that the casting facility, which will work under the leadership of the company, will create 3000 talent-oriented job positions, 3000 construction-oriented job positions and 15 000 long-term job positions. It is not known whether Intel will get a financial support from the government, but orders will already be enough to cover the investment.


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