Especially in the last period added games to the platform won the love of many players with Xbox Game Pass An interesting statistics regarding the system was shared.

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As you know, you pay a certain monthly fee on Xbox Game Pass and the games in the system’s library opens to you. To this system every month different and quality games are added. So when you look even a person who plays a lot of games your need to play It can meet, albeit at a moderate level.

Corporate vice president of Game Ecosystem at Microsoft Sarah BondIn an interview with Forbes an interesting statistic shared. He said that Xbox Game Pass subscribers were about to play games compared to other players. He spends 20 percent more money. Also, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are the percentage of other players. 20 more time spends 30 percent more games playing and 40 percent more game types they are trying.

There is no strange situation in terms of time, game and game type, but spending money not surprising. Game Pass games are generally standard versions is happening. We think the players DLC’ler for expansion packs and additional content like this spends more money.

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