US accessory manufacturer ESRexpected to be released soon iPad Pro (2021) and third generation AirPods He has listed his cases in his online store.

Cases are an important part of the new generation iPad Pro. to design change while at the same time revealing that some of the tablet features revealing.

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Looks like less on the new iPad Pros speaker hole it will be. In a report published by the Japanese Mac Otakara website in January, the number of speaker holes on the new iPad Pro models one third He stated that it would decrease by the rate.

One third trim will result as follows:

  • 11-inch iPad Pro: 13 holes per speaker — ›per speaker 8-9 holes
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro: 17 holes per speaker — ›per speaker 11-12 holes

New products may be introduced in April

As mentioned in the introduction, ESR also AirPods 3 It also listed silicone cases designed for. Images of the charging case to AirPods Pro it will look like reveals. According to the latest information, Apple new products in April will introduce it at the event it will organize.

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