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Affecting the whole world coronavirus pandemic While continuing, various companies and companies continue their drug development works without slowing down. Now it is world famous Pfizer company in the United States, Kovid-19 developed for oral (by mouth) will begin clinical trials of the antiviral drug announced.

According to the company’s statements new candidate drug highly potent in vitro (in the laboratory) shows antiviral activity and hence the candidate drug may be potentially effective. It is suggested.

Protease inhibitors

Protease in the class of inhibitors (Hepatitis B and some HIV drugs are also in this class) candidate drug your virus in replicating which is very critical (in its proliferation) enzyme blocked Let us state that it has an effect.

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According to research, Covid vaccines reduce deaths by 85% and hospitalizations by 80%.

The company officials stated that the pandemic should be addressed in every aspect and that both vaccines and vaccines therapeutic He emphasized the necessity of managing the pandemic thanks to the use of (therapeutic) drugs, because even if the pandemic ends, sporadic (sporadic) in cases It is very important to apply effective treatment methods.

Drug studies

At the moment FDA so The only antiviral drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, ” Remdesivir ” by Gilead Sciences Let’s add that. FDA several antibody treatments (owned by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly and Company) had given emergency use approval.

See Also. “According to the latest research, it has been suggested that the AstraZeneca vaccine does not pose any risk of clotting.”

Finally, the new drug will be prescribed to patients showing symptoms of Kovid-19 infection. is a candidate to be the first drug and also Pfizer intravenous (intravenously) also various protease inhibitors Let us state that he tested it on patients hospitalized due to Kovid-19.

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