As you know Covid-19 the epidemic particularly affected the movie industry greatly, and there was hardly any big box office prospects. the movie could not be released. In order to prevent this situation from continuing, Warner Bros, instead of postponing its films in 2021, has both cinemas and its own video streaming platform in the history of vision. HBO Max’te decided to publish. This situation seems not to continue in 2022.

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Warner Bros. and according to the agreement signed by Cineworld’s Regal Films published by Warner Bros in 2022, After the movies are released, they will not be broadcast anywhere else for 45 days, so will not be broadcast on HBO Max for the first 45 days. Unfortunately, it seems that the situation of being released on the same day as this year will not be valid for now. Even so Don’t come to HBO Max after 45 days the situation can be nice for those who use the service.

Our there is no HBO Max in our country However, if Warner Bros wants to expand the platform, it will be in 2022. to more countries will take the service. Although it is unlikely that in 2022, can also come to our country. In our country from the exaggerated prices of cinemas also because of such services in our country It should be said that it can be used more.

When we look at the films of Warner Bros in 2022, The Batman, The Flash, John Wick 4 ve Fantastik Canavarlar 3 we see their movies.

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