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The chip shortage experienced recently has put TSMC and therefore Taiwan on the agenda of the technology world. As the world leader in chip casting, Taiwan’s reputation is not limited to this.

Massive shipments

Taiwan, which has become a giant by making significant investments in chip casting in recent years, has very important brands in the computer world. Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Acer, Palit When we say we already mean a significant part of the electronics market.

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Huge shipments are made from Taiwan to Europe and the USA in many categories such as gaming equipment, motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, cases, laptops, and smartphones. Evergreen, on the other hand, has the largest shipping chain in the country and has undertaken the majority of electronic shipments.

A shipwreck was recently reported on the Suez Canal, which played an important role in this shipping route. The 400-meter long shipping ship belonging to the Evergreen chain, which turned sideways by an unexpected storm, also prevented all shipments behind it.

Information from the accident site informs that there is a large congestion on the channel. Currently, the ship is on its course again and traffic control is attempted. For now, it is not known which electronic products will experience a delay, but it is clear that it is related to the recent processor and graphics card launches.

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