Google established for the Stadia service last month game development started the process of closing their studios. Stadia Games & Entertainment team created some tools to aid the development process. open source made it.

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Stadia Games & Entertainment based in Montreal and Playa Vista studios had. Both studios have no opportunity to develop games for Stadia service. closure He came face to face with his decision. Google used the source code of development tools used by Stadia Games & Entertainment as a farewell gift. GitHub opened access via.

Uploaded to GitHub

Search giant “sge-monorepoHe says that the code repository named “has nothing to do with game projects being developed at any of the Stadia Games & Entertainment studios. For Stadia It should also be noted that it is not specific to game development.

Project tools open source Working under Stadia Games & Entertainment, developers they will be able to bring these tools to their next job. In addition, other companies use Google’s coding logic. by examining they will be able to get a share for themselves.

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