Publishing victuraand its development is Highwire Gameshave a first-person perspective made by Six Days in Fallujah’tan A new gameplay video was shared.

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The game would normally be published by Konami but anti-war groups and war veterans Konami canceled the game as a result of the reactions following the criticism of the game. At game victura has been announced again in the past months.

Looking at the posted video Call of Duty We can easily see that it has similarities with. When we speak according to the video a tactical aspect and a little more than Call of Duty like simulation We can say that it feels. Of the game The map is recreated every time and so never You will not know where to come from.

The game was in 2004 Iraqrealized in II. Battle of FallujahIt is the subject. In order for the studio to tell the events in the most realistic way he interviewed many soldiers was specified. The game is especially psychologically affecting and make the war atmosphere feel so goodambitious about e.

Game this year inside consoles and PC will be released for. Which consoles are not disclosed. You can find the gameplay video mentioned below.


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