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Updated Google ChromeIt has been reported that (starting with version 90) will better protect user data with a new function. This is the default protocol in Chrome’s address bar https:// It’s about using the prefix.

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Google’s Chrome This change to the browser will not only increase security, but also HTTPS protocol also on the loading speed of the sites using to a positive effect Will have. Users browsing sites by manually typing in URLs very rarely http:// or https:// It is a fact that they write the prefix. In this case, Chrome’s in older versions, browser, if the user visited the site for the first time automatic was adding http: // as.

It will be published for all platforms

Now the browser defaults to by encrypting the traffic It will start using https: //, a more secure protocol that protects users. Chrome 90, yet HTTPSWhen visiting sites that do not support, the user does not additional processing automatically without having to HTTP will connect.

The new browser structure distribution in a short time desktop computers and Android it will start for devices. Of Chrome 90 iOS version will be published later.

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