One of the most popular TV series in the last 10 years, The Walking Dead’in who was the main character for a long time Rick Grimes As you know, a movie will come. In the past hours too the creator of the series, Robert Kirkmanmade a statement about the movie.

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Robert Kirkman recently interviewed with Although he did not share any details during the interview Rick Grimes movie, The Walking Dead dizisinden it would be different transferred. Also more a different Walking Dead story we will watch and a part of The Walking Dead not in the style of expansion also stated.

Rick Grimes The character had disappeared in an interesting way last season. After the disappearance in this movie, Rick Grimes’ where he went and what he did will tell.

Too much about Rick Grimes movie right now detail unfortunately not. Andrew Lincoln’ün It is known that he will take the lead role. There is no explanation about the release date, but it was previously announced that it will be broadcast in theaters.

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