Popular debuted last year free-to-play RPG oyunu Genshin Impact continues to generate incredible revenues. Research firm Sensor Tower According to the figures announced, the game managed to generate $ 1 billion in revenue in six months only on mobile platforms. Genshin Impact thus achieved the fastest mobile game record to reach $ 1 billion.

Among the games that Genshin Impact left behind are productions such as Pokemon GO, Lineage M, PUBG Mobile and Clash Royale. It took 9 months for Pokemon GO to reach $ 1 billion in revenue, and 16 months for PUBG Mobile to reach $ 1 billion. Honor of Kings, another popular game on mobile platforms, reached $ 1 billion in 18 months.

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Sensor Tower also said that Genshin Impact is currently the most revenue generating game on mobile platforms (not including China). Accordingly, your game $ 5.8 million daily income level. However, looking at the profit, PUBG and Honor of the Kings are stated to be ahead of Genshin Impact.

The countries where Genshin Impact, which has become the most popular RPG of mobile platforms, earned the most revenue were China ($ 302 million), Japan ($ 278 million) and the USA ($ 189 million), respectively.

Chinese studio Apart from Genshin Impact mobile platforms developed by miHoYo, it also PC, PS4 ve Nintendo Switch’te can also be played. The figures in our news belong only to the App Store and Play Store, but we know that the game has also achieved great success on PC, PS4 and Switch. We can say that miHoYo developers are swimming in money right now.


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