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Intel, first 7nm processors has officially announced that it is ready to launch. The company long awaited release date of new products, as well as architectural and with technical features announced the first relevant details.

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According to the chip manufacturer’s description, Meteor Lake family of desktop and mobile processors 2023 It will be released in the year. The main feature of new products, high performance and energy efficient combining beans a hybrid architecture It is stated that it will be.

First examples can be seen at the end of 2021

7nm processorsis the first to not use the ring bus interconnection architecture Intel there will be a solution. The company also own Foveros He also stated that it will use processor packaging and matrix merging technology. Meteor Lake family, also designed for the Alder Lake series LGA 1700 expected to be compatible with its socket.

New products probably stand-alone modules can be produced in the form Redwood Cove It will be equipped with its cores. Additionally, analysts argue that several factories will produce such cores at the same time, and one of them TSMC states that it will be. According to rumors, users PCIe Gen 5.0 interface and DDR5 RAM support will also be offered. The first engineering examples of new CPUs In the second quarter of 2021 visible.

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