Football manager game published by THQ Nordic and developed by Winning Streak Games We Are Football, Announced for the PC.

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On The Ball ve Football Manager This new manager game developed by the team behind the series On June 10, 2021 For PC gamers Access via Steam will open. You can access the game’s Steam page here.

You can also see the announcement trailer and promotional article of the game. you can find it below.

Introductory Letter

As a manager and trainer at WE ARE FOOTBALL in the football world You will face the latest trends and experience all the emotional ups and downs of your favorite club.

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For the first time, this modern soccer manager game offers a women’s soccer game mode with the same functions and unique gameplay elements. WE ARE FOOTBALL, Developed with the contributions of highly experienced football manager names such as Gerald Köhler, Rolf Langenberg and Dirk Winter in order to ensure and maintain the highest quality in all game modes.

In this game, you will receive instant feedback for every decision, big or small. Time management You will need to do it effectively and will be really successful in the club only if you work with your colleagues.

WE ARE FOOTBALL, It focuses on real management tasks. This game; It aims to develop the club in the long term by growing the team, colleagues, infrastructure, fan base and much more. As a result, the soccer players in the game become individuals who set their own stories.

A season can be played within a few hours: In just a few minutes, you will find yourself in the middle of a fight. While you can finish several seasons in one day alone, you can even finish a season in one evening with two players.

There are always new challenges to face in WE ARE FOOTBALL. The bigger the club, the bigger the difficulties!


  • It is beginner friendly and can be played without lengthy introductions or tutorials; easy to learn but difficult to master
  • As deep as traditional manager games
  • A test that offers a choice of club and career mode based on their answers
  • Comprehensive management functions (financial status, sponsors, HR, organization, fan support, followers, IPO, sale to investors, fan shares, and more)
  • Manager skills that can be improved
  • Application of the latest developments in football
  • Detailed team and player attributes
  • Modern training and realistic training planning
  • Individual skill tree for each player
  • Complete psychological profile for each player; must match the types in the team perfectly for the prospect of success
  • Comprehensive infrastructure system; young age player development management
  • Comprehensive play styles and basic rules
  • New match engine focused on ball and offensive players with additional text narration
  • All matches in the game world are calculated equally
  • Great half-time talks
  • A walkable club museum as well as expandable 3D stadium and 3D club facilities
  • Weekly progress filled with exciting discussions, small and big decisions to be made
  • Extensive statistics pane; pleasant surprise for fans
  • Critical fan comments after the match
  • Simulation of the ups and downs of major football teams
  • Simulation of national team tournaments and changes in the market value of players in the teams

The game does not contain any official football license. The game comes with an editor that lets you create your own league or clubs.

  • Any country in the world can be arranged
  • Men’s and women’s leagues
  • Choice of official or personal database at the beginning of the game
  • Open league systems with editable relegation and promotion
  • Expandable name list for languages
  • Automatic player and team creation
  • Comprehensive regulators for crests and uniforms
  • Options to use your own visuals in the game

WE ARE FOOTBALL is time independent, the starting year of the game can be set in the editor.

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