The Razer brand, which is considered as one of the elite names of the player world, has received its share from the intense demand wind created by the effect of the pandemic. Since its launch, the firm has managed to make a profit.

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The main point of interest is the player equipment Razer It also tries to attract consumers with products such as laptop and external graphics box. With a difficult year behind, the company managed to break the $ 1 billion revenue threshold for the first time.

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According to the tables announced, a revenue of 1.2 billion dollars was obtained throughout the fiscal year and an increase of 48 percent was observed. The hardware division generated $ 1.08 billion in revenue, while the service and finance division generated $ 128 million in revenue. Operating profit was only 800 thousand dollars, but it is an important development that it has increased for the first time.

Razer, which has sponsorship for many games, increased its total monthly active users to 123 million. The company, which attracted the attention of the players with the numerous tournaments it organized, also reported that the payment systems reached a total mobility of $ 4.3 billion. This year, as the pandemic continues, Razer is struggling to forecast, but expects a better performance than last year.

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