Popular game published and developed by Piyonix Rocket Leaguemobile version of Rocket League Sideswipe, It was announced recently for iOS and Android.

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Rocket League Sideswipe’da yine football with cars We will try to play but there will be differences according to the main game. Rocket League Sideswipe, 1v1 and 2v2 will offer matches and 2 minute fast paced we will play matches. also from the side viewpoint the game that will have. The developer promises an intuitive touch control for both beginners and experienced.

Again as in the main game be able to choose your vehicles and them You will be able to customize it as you wish. Unfortunately, no further details are currently known.

Of the game in this year It is expected to be released for iOS and Android, but unfortunately there is no clear release date. Finally if you Australia and New ZealandIf you are following from, in a very short time alpha test of the game will begin in these regions. You can follow the site of the game.


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