South Korean tech giant Samsungabout the production of batteries for electric vehicles 1 billion dollars will invest. The company is in the European region, electric vehicle it expects the demand for its batteries to continue to increase. Samsung’s goal is to ensure that European automakers need such components. meet.

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Samsung SDI Hungary production capacity in the factory doubles will be issued. Electric vehicle with huge investment of 890 million dollars pillerinin plans to become the dominant European producer. Capacity increase Samsung’s approximately 1 million It will allow it to produce electric vehicle batteries.

Dependence on fossil fuels decreases

Many European car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen, to electric vehicles has already announced the transition plans. Electric vehicle as automotive giants’ dependence on fossil fuels decreases pillerine the demand will increase. Acting with this awareness, Samsung has increased its battery production significantly and entered the market. leadership aims to make.

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