Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen Herbert Diessof future electric vehicles in your personal Twitter account design lines and published four different images reflecting the technologies they will have. Diess electricpromises a digital and autonomous future.

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Experienced manager Volkswagen Lucid MotorsHas shared its visions of models that will help it compete with electric vehicle manufacturers such as Xpeng and NIO. Diess TeslaAnother remarkable detail is that he does not mention ‘as a rival’.

First image of Volkswagen Project Trinity It shows the drawing of the future flagship electric car known as. This car is based on the MEB platform, after the current models in evolution will be the next step.

Fully autonomous automobile and electric truck

In another image shared by Herbert Diess without a steering wheel We see the futuristic interior of a car. This teaser “Level 5“in other words, it points to the emergence of an electric vehicle with fully autonomous driving technology.

Finally, again part of the Volkswagen Group MAN There is an image about. The drawing in question is of the German giant Tesla Semia rival to electric truck reveals that he is working on it. How will Volkswagen’s truck perform compared to its competitor, we will see this together in the future.

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