Since last year, Apple is expected to renew its set-top box, but there is still no news. However, signs began to appear gradually within the beta codes.

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What will the new Apple TV offer?

Apple has raised the performance bar in its products. Apple TV It is known that it will make important touches to the box. Apple A12Z With the chipset, Apple TV will now be able to play console quality games.

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It is stated that the classic control will also be included in these changes. tvOS 14.5 beta The lines that appear in the codes reveal the change in the control. It is stated in the codes that texts such as Siri Remote and DualShock are removed and “gen3 Apple TV remote” tags are included.

It is a little more game focused and with the U1 short throw chip, the new controller can become much more capable. Since Apple has not made a Spring event yet, it is not known whether the new Apple TV will be introduced.

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