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Game engine Unitydevelopers of and Here Creators of the map service, the next generation car infotainment systems started to create a universal platform for These two companies are new and more for drivers. user friendly they promise to provide an experience.

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Automobile manufacturers They are often claimed to be good at making vehicles, but the software they offer is generally not of high quality. Unity and Here, which companies can adapt to their needs scalable platform aims to overcome this difficulty by creating. Developed platform, required on the screen view of graphic elements It works as an interface that allows you to customize it.

It will be fully customizable

This interface is for automakers virtual buttons, dials and menus By combining desired interface elements such as their own themes and corporate color schemes, the screen is simply “to drag and drop“Allows. In addition, the same project, every time. an interface from scratch without having to create in different sizes and shapes can be adapted to be displayed on screens.

Of course Here map service to the platform strictly integrated case. Whether the platform is ready and to auto manufacturers when will it be presented about there is no information yet.

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