Xiaomi, which started to push the top three in the smartphone market with its performance last year, shared its financial statements with the technology world. The firm continues to grow both inside and outside.

Promotion to third place

Xiaomi, which started its life with smart phone software, is chasing success in many sectors today. The company, which increased its sales with the effect of the pandemic last year, has grown a record, especially in China, with the weakening of the market.

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According to the figures for the year 2020 Xiaomi It sold 146.4 million smartphones in total and achieved 17.5 percent growth. Sales in China grew 51.9 percent. The company’s premium smartphones with a price of 300 Euros or more sold 10 million units.

The total revenue of the firm was $ 37.4 billion, half of which came from overseas. While smartphones generated $ 23.2 billion in revenue, the other group with products such as televisions and smart home appliances reached $ 14 billion.

This year Xiaomi Mi 11 New models of Redmi and Poco brands, especially, went on sale one after another. We will see numerous Xiaomi models in the ongoing period. The company’s expectations for 2021 are also quite high.


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