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Xiaomi Its CEO Lei Jun has released a new teaser announcing that the company will introduce a new device from the Mi Mix series. Activity 29 Martwill take place in. New Mi Mix The so-called device is the world’s first to liquid lens technology will have a smart phone. The camera in the device, a variable focal length It will also serve for telephoto and macro photography simultaneously.

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In the working principle of the new lens through human eyes inspired and the technology works like this: between two movies a special liquid is compressed and with a directed action curvature level can be changed so that the desired optical effect obtainable.

Wondering how it will work in practice

Xiaomi CEO’su Lei JunAccording to, the “liquid” lens developed by the company with small engines will be run. The liquid itself will be in a special super transparent film and high light transmissionalso against environmental conditions resistance will also have. As the shape of the lens changes, focal length will also change. This is also in theory several modules of a camera (macro, telephoto and ultra wide angle) that he can fulfill his role means.

Liquid lens technology how to work in practice but only after the release of the new Mi Mix learn it’s going to be possible. Other smartphone manufacturers use this technology whether they will use for now it is unclear.

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