Apple, to artificial intelligence invested heavily. Cupertino company, according to a new study by GlobalData 2016 ila 2020 who developed artificial intelligence and machine learning between the years 25 attempt he bought.

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Apple buys company every three to four weeks

According to the results, Apple’s competitors in front of. The companies that spend the most money on artificial intelligence (AI) are as follows: lining up:

  1. Apple: 25
  2. Accenture: 17
  3. Google: 14
  4. Microsoft: 12
  5. Facebook: 9

US technology giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook were among the aforementioned dates. total 60 bought the artificial intelligence and machine learning company. Apple usually SiriIt incorporates initiatives that will contribute to the development of.

Senior analyst on the GlobalData research team Nicklas Nilsson made the following comment:

“Apple, Siri’yi develop and iPhones new features It accelerates the process of purchasing artificial intelligence companies to offer. Machine learning initiative InductiveWas purchased to improve Siri’s data processing capabilities. Irish Voysis his company was acquired to improve Siri’s natural language understanding. PullString will make it easier for iOS developers to use Siri. “

Apart from these acquisitions, technology companies are interested in artificial intelligence. employees also actively recruiting. Research done on the list five companies In the field of artificial intelligence throughout 2020 More than 14,000 revealed that he posted a job.

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