While the recent chip production crisis has occupied the agenda, another dynamic chip design continues to grow quietly. The chip design, which is the biggest driver of the crisis, recorded a significant growth last year.

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TrendForce According to the semiconductor-only market research conducted by Ş. The two companies that grew the most in the market were AMD and Nvidia.

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Design industry leader Qualcomm in the case of. Despite working solely on ARM, it closed the year 2020 with $ 19.4 billion and grew 33.7 percent. Broadcom on the other hand, it achieved a 2.9 percent growth with $ 17.7 billion.

Especially with the effect of distance education Nvidia The demand for based products has increased enormously. The firm earned $ 15.4 billion last year, and grew 52.2 percent. MediaTek generated $ 10.9 billion and grew 37.3 percent, again with the impact of the mobile world.

Continuing its rise with its recent significant moves, AMD gained $ 9.7 billion in revenue and experienced a 45 percent increase. The total revenue of the Top 10 list was 85.9 billion dollars.

Looking at the process, neither chip design demands nor chip casting demands are expected to decrease. In this respect, revenues will be in a continuous increase.


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