Market and food ordering application Bringcontinues to receive investment. The founder of Getir, Nazım Salur, with the last $ 300 million investment of the company 2.6 billion dollars announced that it reached the valuation.

For the first time about Getir’s valuation amount unicorn explanation was made. Startups with a valuation of more than $ 1 billion are called “unicorns”. The yield has officially announced that it has reached this level with a valuation of $ 2.6 billion. Turkey was the second attempt unicorn. Approximately one-half years ago, local game studios Peak, the value of $ 1.8 million was Turkey’s first unicorn theme.

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It aims to grow abroad with the investments it receives. Getir recently started out of service in London In the UK as well as in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Brazil will serve.

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Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, 2023 up to $ 1 billion valuation last 10 unicorn that said they proceed step by step to Turcorn extraction target, “Al Brought reaching $ 2.6 billion valuation with recent investment was Turkey’s 2nd Turcorn of. ” used the expression.

The founder of Getir, Nazım Salur, that it will be distributed to its employees “I would also like to state that we will share 25 million TL through our dealers, to be distributed based on seniority to the courier and warehouse staff, who are the field employees of our dealers who have made the most important contribution to Getir becoming Unicorn.” said.

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