Having many original content Netflix, As you know, it has attracted a lot of attention with the game adaptations it has announced recently. One of these game adaptations is the game adapted from the game of the same name, which was announced last year. Splinter Cell animated series.

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Based on Tom Clancy’s books Splinter Cell The game series is a favorite series especially for privacy-loving gamers. In the past hours, the director of the series and the head of the series Derek KolstadSome details were shared from.

He said it’s the first season of the show If it is planned as 16 episodes Netflix is ​​currently only Allowed 8 episodes case. Departments 20 – 30 minutes between planned to continue. In addition, the game series itself that you love so much said and especially of the privacy part He emphasized that it is important. In animation In 2022 It is planned to be published.

Favorite action movie John WickThe screenwriter of Derek Kolstad, Netflix ve Ubisoft’at the beginning of this project with which producer and writer will be found as. It is not yet clear what kind of animation it will have, who the voice actors will be, what the exact broadcast date or subject will be.


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